Modern Rhetoric

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Though most people don’t realize it, modern rhetoric appears all over the world through different means every day. One of the most popular forms of expression of rhetoric is the meme. The meme I have created makes a simple claim. 

Main Idea

The idea is that modern rhetoric has lost its meaning with the average person, so they wouldn’t be able to define it without the use of a search engine like Google.

The meme itself shows this with the assumption that someone who didn’t have to look it up is lying. “9 easy ways to spot a liar” implies that one of the ways to spot a liar is if they tell you they can define the modern rhetoric without looking it up. 

Plato’s 5 canons of rhetoric are invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery, and they all apply to the meme I’ve created.


My interpretation of invention for the matter at hand is the invention of the new meme format as a whole. This meme format not only applies to this project but if someone on the outside were to see it, they would understand the concept and would be able to duplicate it in their way.


The arrangement was showcased with my decision of where to put and how to format the text. The first place the eye is drawn to is the text at the top. Next would be the picture of a man with a big nose like Pinocchio, and last would be the smaller text in the center. This purposeful arrangement makes the message appear in an order that not only makes sense but is also pleasing to the eye.


The next canon, style, appears in the form of choice of words and the visualization of a man with a long nose. Memes as a while have helped forge the modern rhetoric as a lot more visual than textual, but the text is still a large part.


Memory being the next canon is about our knowledge and understanding of content. Understanding a meme can be hard without knowledge of the subject it touches on, and creating it is all the more difficult.


The final canon is delivery. Delivery is how the rhetoric is presented, whether it be a verbal presentation in which you would need to speak directly to an audience or a physical piece of paper that has a texture that can be felt. In the case of memes as a whole, the delivery is technological. Smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets; we live in a technologically advanced society and almost everyone I know has at least one of those. 

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