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Advertising in Rhetoric

The most commonly known of the millions are the three rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos.


Ethos refers to using credible sources. Within this ad, the Nike symbol is in the corner and includes the number one woman in sports.

The logical fallacy that connects with ethos is the “appeal of authority”.


This ad starts shows a woman sobbing and wiping her eyes, along with the first words are “If we show emotion, we are called dramatic”. Pathos is all about persuading the audience by making them feel certain emotions. Using a puppy or a setting such a sunset creates many emotions that tie to happiness, sadness, and relaxation.

Including many inspirational women from the world level of current and several past women achieving the dream of crossing the line, or winning a grand slam after becoming a mother. Women soccer team at the center field or a woman coaching an NBA team. The emotion shown is also brave, dedication, and girt.


Logos attempts to persuade the audience by the use of arguments that they will perceive as logical. Commercials include facts, surveys, stats such as data or research that has done for the strength of the persuasion to the audience.

Fallacies and Canons

In addition to the rhetorical appeals used in advertisements is logical fallacies. Ads are always looking at ways to hold the attention of customers. Rhetorical canons are the under skin making of these ads.


This Dream Crazier ad from Nike provides many rhetorical devices and the logical fallacies in this ad, as the company incorporated the rhetorical canons to create the ad from February 29th, 2019.


Nike Just do it. Advertisement

Rhetorical Canons Included for the Commerical

Invention Not only is Nike a massive company that dominates the industry of athletic clothing, equipment, and shoes. They are sponsors for many of the most recognized women athletes. They came up with this footage from the women in sport that reflect power.

Arrangement Nike had to figure out their broad of sports to display in addition to having the voice talking is clear and following the message. Arranging the details and who will be shown first. They will decide on who will make the punch line moment of the video.

Style Their team of coordinating will create the theme/ style, from the tone of the girl’s voice. This appeals to their audience of teen women and adult women.

Memory Their audience understands what Nike means when they said: ” When we stand for something, we’re unhinged.” We can nod and remember a time when it happened to us.

Delivery Using the format of a video instead of a stand speech from a women player shows the delivery in this ad. They have other platforms for creating this message such as audio or written down. But their team and Nike quarters decided with creating the video recapping the footage of women in sports they were told they were crazy and couldn’t just do it.

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