Bill Gates “U.S. Missed the Chance to Prevent COVID -19 Outbreak”

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With the federal government providing an inconstancy in message in what the people should do, CNBC technology reached out to Bill Gates on Tuesday, March 24th with a clear statement.

Bill Gates mentions the confusion and panic that has been created and widely shared by the American public“ It’s January when everybody should’ve been on notice” among this article written by Jessica Bursztynsky. Governments are advising to their states and within counties with stay home orders and curfews. This article focuses on a TED talk that Bill Gates addressed with the United States as a whole, missed the hint with on the approach of a pandemic that now as an after fact businesses, beaches, plus attraction parks to be shut down.

Slippery Slope

Mentioning that this is the asserting that if we allow A to happen then Z will consequently happen too, therefore A should not happen. A in this article is the stay at home order and Z is the disruption of distribution with supplies at grocery stores. Without showing up to work there will not be a way for the supply to be delivered to the warehouse. As from the warehouse, it cannot provide truckers to take it to the stores. As some states have placed a stay at home order, this is all voluntary. Law enforcement is not controlling the streets at night or public parks or beaches. Whereas several parts of the world it is being mandatory and strictly enforced to not leave including curfews. Having a permission permit form is obligatory when being out. All services are closed except for grocery stores and pharmacies.

Appeal to Authority

Using the opinion or position of an authority figure, institution of authority, in place of an actual argument. This article is clear to see that the Journalist did a story over the TED talk that Bill Gates had delivered earlier that same day the article was published to CNBC. With Bill Gates being the authority figure for this article, it provides a bigger power and name to the headline news to be shared. He is an authority figure that hundreds following with being co-founder to Microsoft, he states the virus is a danger from the early month of this pandemic. America is too lenient on their rules of social distancing for actually lowering the projected curve of it all to understand COVID – 19 in continue to get in contact with others. Gates believed the United States needed to advance its COVID- 19 testing abilities to stronger navigate those that urgently on the daily front line to be protected for the worst pandemic.


Showing that even the greatest figures as Bill Gates Co-founder of Microsoft and in the head of a nonprofit foundation reflect on the United States not acting quick enough to compress this curve that lingers. With the spread, the administration offices must be highly attentive and equipped with the testing kits and hospitals. Gates advised with this pandemic there will be the new normal. Using the example of South Korea, Germany, and in Bolivia. Those counties have managed to remain confirmed cases and death rates lower, compared to our statistics with being the most cases and death globally.

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