Audrey’s Cover Letter

Night Lights

Audrey Ward
Class of 2022 / English Major /
28 April 2020
Dr. Friend
Assistant Professor of English
Saint Leo University

Dear Dr. Friend
Through the weeks, of course, I found myself using the information from our group discussions in class to further understand each task in the assignments. Entering this class I did not know how Rhetoric was used in Writing. I might have read pieces in past courses, but did not pay close attention to what rhetoric was and how it is a role to major writings. From our small group discussion, it was much easier to share our thoughts and hear other thoughts. Talking as a whole towards the class (this class only) I did not know how things would be taken and further discussed which I would sit back and making mental and physical notes for our following small discussions.

Our first outcome is informal conversations, you will be able to discuss the origins and history of rhetoric, then make connections and distinctions between those origins and modern popular assumptions about its use. I achieved this outcome when I wrote advertising fallacies. This document allowed me to look at multiple viewpoints in how the rhetoric was being used in the Starbucks advisement. I found that connection to how this is borderline with gender roles, and sexual orientation of how these kids are wanting to be presented and known as. I saw the history of how this has been a high topic from when gender roles for transgender became diligent in the U.S.

Our second-course outcome is, given a variety of texts in print, visual, and aural formats, you will be able to define, explain, and identify rhetorical devices and logical fallacies used in those texts. I achieved this outcome from two writings since it was a very similar fallacy that I choose to talk about. The King’s Speech & Rhetorical Analysis of the News. From the king, speech rhetoric was used to full how the role/ impact this speech had and this would have today if delivered to her audience I wrote this with given her format of the speech through video and a written script. This lead to my clear reception from 2018 and current day 2020. My News assignment was a favorite of mine since it is a recent topic, in addition to not worrying about the variation in the text, there is about COVID 19. From Bill Gates, I was able to define, explain, and identify the rhetorical devices talking specifically on Slippery Slope and Appeal to Authority.

Describing the Appeal to authority for this particular assignment was understanding with having a lead person of the U.S. to give a true outlook. He is the authority figure because hundreds of people will learn him since he has a very knowledgeable background with research and analyzing fine details to a large crisis.

The meme assignment was my favorite from this class and it taught me a deeper meaning and connection memes with addressing a topic. This is how I created my course outcome number four of modern rhetoric example in the genre of a meme have I emulated the rhetorical elements to my example of a lie in creating this in a fun and creative mood.

Our course outcome of giving a modern text and being able to employ the Aristotelian triangle through academic and theoretical tools for developing my rhetorical analysis of each text. Two Sides, Same Coin? Assignment Article A, was one that gave me a clear academic view to writing this in addition to using my tools of rhetoric learned from this class to creating Article B, both in mimicking one another’s style and format.  

Each assignment this semester, involved some usage of technology our fifth-course outcome, I was able to find through the Plato and Abe Lincoln Use Google assignment to pull in the context of the rhetorical cannons for this meme allowed me to see the ins and out with this meme I created. Understanding the style, Invention, Arrangement, Memory, and Delivery lead me to a fully unique feature of how Plato believed in writing and rhetoric.

In the final course outcome of creating material, this parallels with the Remix Yourself Assignments. Having a starter gives it a nice shell to see how you can make a blog post, an article or video, and create your new version on the same topic. Mine being a Twitter post, it was nice to see that your information can be simple and directed to a new audience. I loved giving credit for the media and able to re-use the format and remix myself to a new audience than to the original form.

With final words, thank you, as I know have a clear knowledge of the usage of rhetoric from our class discussions and your teaching.

Stay Healthy and Safe,

Audrey Ward        

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