Rhetoric in 2020

From reading the first three chapters of Jay Heinrichs, I became interested in the topic of seeing more in-depth on the usage of Rhetoric in ways we might not even realize throughout the day. Every time I am asked about my courses this semester, they give me a double look with the word Rhetoric Writing and I laugh within. Their responses are given with character and questioning what the difference is between arguing and rhetoric writing. Introducing this new decade and year, if you are given the opportunity to share your voice to be heard, do not be afraid to hold back and instead be proud to see that others agree with you.

In my meme, it is shown that especially rhetoric is displayed in news media outlets. The news can be a topic that is good and creates a trend of circling rotation to other media stations in the country, and there are articles that are bad and be used to a certain extent and need to be taken down from the website. Following the news today in 2019 and the new year of 2020, there are days where the news is good and not good as in referencing the politics, climate actions, health scars, immigration destruction, medical testing, and inventions.  I believe that Rhetoric can be associated with the press because an article can only have one original release date and platform. The additional follow up articles that are a continuation of a previous storyline, will be looked at as Rhetorical writing. Journalist’s look for the emotion grabbing storylines in order to persuade the spoken words in the figurative speech towards the audience. As seen within my meme, saying there is no good or bad news, and that is bad news where this in many citations refers to the content being spun and changed around to the specific audience members. Addressing the message in any form of art, play, writing, sculpture, etc. can display rhetoric.       

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