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Modern Rhetoric

Though most people don’t realize it, modern rhetoric appears all over the world through different means every day. One of the most popular forms of expression of rhetoric is the meme. The meme I have created makes a simple claim.  Main Idea The idea is that modern rhetoric has lost its meaning with the average…

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Rhetoric in 2020

From reading the first three chapters of Jay Heinrichs, I became interested in the topic of seeing more in-depth on the usage of Rhetoric in ways we might not even realize throughout the day. Every time I am asked about my courses this semester, they give me a double look with the word Rhetoric Writing…

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Guy looking at two different paths

WANTED: Dead or Alive!

When I was looking at meme inspiration I came across a meme having to do with Pro-Life people. I immediately thought about how controversial this topic is. It has been mentioned within our schools, it has been all over social media, and it seems to make its appearance on a lot of television/radio channels. This…

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How Memes act as Visual Rhetoric

Memes have become a popular and relatable medium of persuasion within our society within the last few years. Some people don’t even have conversations anymore, they just send memes to communicate what they’re feeling. Politics, being a large form of rhetoric in the world today, is also prevalent in memes. The meme I made shows…

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