Tom and Gisele Help Out

Decisions…Decisions The hardest part of the assignment was deciding where to find an article that I can analyze. I wanted to pick a topic that I would be interested in but also involve COVID-19. This was stuff as I never really watch or read the news since it is always sad. The Source The Tampa…

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I Have A Dream

When people hear the words “I have a dream”, there is no question about who these famous words came from. Whether you agree with Martin Luther King’s speech or disagree, his name always comes to mind when thinking of these words. Martin Luther King exemplifies power and dominance in his speech by the way he…

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a bold yellow line dares us to change its mind

Audience Analysis & PSA Plan

We’re out to change the world. For this assignment, our aim shifts from classmates, instructors, blogs, or approvals and turns toward the world around us. We look outside of class not for examples, but for an audience. For this assignment, start thinking of how you can influence society. In class on Tuesday, I suggested that…

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