Modern Day Rhetoric

After reading the first three chapters of Heinrichs book, I was excited to share with my family and friends the new things I was going to be learning this semester. Every time I explained rhetoric to someone they would laugh and ask if learning how to use rhetoric is going to make me get my…

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Rows of desks in the classroom.

Graduate School or Nothing

This meme is completely about pressure. The pressure that many if not most college students face. I feel it. My friends feel it. My sister feels it. The idea that we as college students need to go to graduate school, is a real pressure and uncertainty. The pressure is reinforced by manipulation, like the meme…

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Eat What Makes You Happy

The “Meal” That Smiles Back

Memes have been getting more popular by the second. Every month there is a new type of meme that is trending. These memes become trending because they are hilarious, relatable, and sometimes turn a serious issue into a lighthearted joke. These are perfect for distracting everyone from the bad that has been recently happening around…

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Boy and Girl Playing Guitar during a sunset

Rhetoric is Everywhere

After reading the three chapters of Heinrichs book, I learned that Rhetoric writing is found in almost everything and everywhere without us looking for it. The author goes into detail explaining what Rhetoric is. Rhetoric is the art of having an argument trying to influence others into an agreement and get them into believing what…

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Rhetoric in Real Life

One of the biggest things I took away from reading the first three chapters of the textbook is that rhetoric is used every single day in every single person’s life without them realizing it. Rhetoric is arguing, but it’s also using persuasive words to reach a goal whereas a fight is when someone is using…

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Photo representing persuasion with the use of an alarm clock.

The Basics of Persuasion:

Thank You for Arguing: Summary of Chapters 1, 2, and 4 Chapters 1, 2, and 4 of Heinrichs’ “Thank You for Arguing” discuss a number of tactics and theory discussing ways in which one can convince others.The chapters illustrated just how frequent persuasion and arguments are in our lives. It also defined persuasion outside the…

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