The Bloggers Who’ve Already Reviewed Jaclyn Hill’s New Morphe Palette

So, what do these two experts really think?

There have been harsh critics who have made consumers become skeptical of all of Jaclyn Hill’s Makeup launches, so it wasn’t a surprise that people started to talk once Jaclyn announced her collaboration with Morphe. It was no time before the beauty bloggers began to receive their packages in the mail, they quickly tested out the pigments and took their opinions to their blogs. They couldn’t wait to let other eager makeup lovers know if the new palette was really worth their money.

You might ask, what’s the verdict? Well you’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

Navish on

Navish’ review was honest and positive, but it came with a little more bias because she’s a fan of Jaclyn Hill and her Youtube videos. She says, “Let me just tell you I totally bought this palette because I really love Jaclyn Hill, I have been watching her on YouTube for years and years! She is amazing at makeup plus when she first revealed her palette I was hooked with it. It looked absolutely gorgeous, so I knew I had to get it.”, meaning that she went into the review feeling like she was already going to like the product because she already has a positive feeling towards the creator and her skills as a makeup artist.

When it came to the palette itself Navish raved about all of the pigments especially the smooth and wet like metallics. She even noted that the palette has become her go-to and she used it mainly during her stay in Pakistan after her wedding.

Cindy on

Cindy’s review was brutally honest throughout her entire blog post. She begins with addressing the drama surrounding the launch of the palette. Once she gets into the makeup she says things like, “The quality of the shades on the top section were nothing phenomenal or worthy of me personally justifying the purchase of this palette, especially since I have a multitude of other nude palettes. Some of the shades were too similar when applied to the eye.” and “The lighter shades blended out decently, but I had some serious issues trying to blend out some of the darker shades. Honestly, ColourPop pressed shadows beat the quality of this palette by far.”

It’s pretty obvious that Cindy wasn’t the biggest fan of the palette, but she made sure to acknowledge that even though the product wasn’t her cup of tea she realizes that not every product is going to work for her and suggests that if you support Jaclyn you should pick up the palette and try it out for yourself.

What a great and honest review!

After looking at these two blog posts it feels like you might have to pick up the palette and just test it out for yourself. Who knows you could have a wonderful experience or simply add another decent nude palette to your collection.

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