Rhetoric in Real Life

One of the biggest things I took away from reading the first three chapters of the textbook is that rhetoric is used every single day in every single person’s life without them realizing it. Rhetoric is arguing, but it’s also using persuasive words to reach a goal whereas a fight is when someone is using aggression to try and get their point across which usually ends with a temporary victory. Heinrichs also explains that an argument should always be done skillfully.

In the book, Heinrichs gives the reader information about rhetoric and then he uses real word examples to help justify and better explain his ideas. One real world example I really enjoyed was in chapter two where he used John Gottman’s research on married couples to help better explain the difference between an argument and a fight. I realized after reading all three of the chapters that they all include real life examples that really help the reader understand rhetoric and how to use it correctly. I don’t think this book would be as effective if the author didn’t add famous examples, like Mariah Carey, to help explain the diverse ways people use rhetoric.

One thing I really like about rhetoric is that you’re not only persuading someone to listen to you, but you’re persuading them and making them believe in you and what you’re saying with their own consent. Being able to convince someone without having to get mad and aggressive is something I really want to master. The author makes rhetoric seem like the key to success not only in different work environments but also in personal relationships.

One of the last things I really enjoyed in the third chapter was the explanation between blame, which is the past, values, which is the present, and choice, which is the future. I think it’s important that Heinrichs included this because it helps the reader understand what tense they should argue in and he gives examples and explains why focusing on the future is most effective when it comes to rhetoric.

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