Mariah’s Cover Letter

Stay Safe

Dear Friend,

This course was an interesting journey that taught me a lot, including the correct pronunciation of rhetoric. Although I was quiet most of the time, I was paying attention and taking in everyone’s conversations and arguments. It was not that I was not interested- it was more so that most of the time, the discussions involved politics, which I’m not fully informed to talk about. That, and I was shy. But in the small group discussions, I tried my best to talk with everyone and share some of my ideas. I liked being able to talk in small groups in the class because it started to make me feel more comfortable with the small presentations and talking as whole groups- even if it were only once or twice.

One of the first assignments I remember completing was the one where we read Heinrich’s chapter on rhetoric. I wrote about how rhetoric was used in everyday life for this assignment. It honestly helped me a lot because I did not realize how much I have used rhetoric in the past unintentional before this class. It opened my eyes to see that everyone uses this strategy without knowing it. However, knowing about it is a plus side. You have more control of it when you use it yourself. Plus, you have control over other people who are trying to use it against you since you are aware of it.

I feel like these same lessons were learned in the logical fallacies (both of them) and the advertisement assignments. We picked out the type of rhetoric being used, and how it was being used to manipulate us. Without this class, I would probably still fall for it.

The meme assignment was one of my all time favorites. I love memes, but I never knew that memes were rhetorical. I used rhetoric to create the meme after learning more about rhetoric. However, when adding the rhetorical canons, I never even realized I used those in the process of creating the meme. I had no idea what those were until you taught us about it. I was so surprised to see that I followed the exact steps in creating the meme without knowing it.

In Two Sides, Same Coin, King’s Speech, and the News Analysis assignment, I learned how to analyze rhetoric in different texts and genres. This is valuable to me because I’m not normally good with that- especially speeches. The King’s Speech assignment was a great learning experience for me because I had to find out the reception of the speech in the past, and now. On top of that, I needed to figure out the rhetoric in the speech. Then, I had to explain how the rhetoric effected the people back then compared to today. It’s interesting how the same form of rhetoric can have a different impact as time passes, and I’m glad I learned that.

Overall, I learned a lot about rhetoric from you, and my fellow classmates. I look forward to using rhetoric in my future, thanks to you.

Stay Safe,

Mariah Colon

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