Logical Fallacies are Everywhere

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(If you do not know what logical fallacies are, please read my previous post located here before continuing.)

Logical fallacies are used to argue, defend an argument, or persuade someone into believing what you want them to believe. They are not only used in person, but they are used on prints or online in ads.

For example, the logical fallacy appeal to authority is used in several dental ads. It would show a dentist saying that the specific brand of toothpaste is the best. Because of that, people would buy it, because someone with a dental degree thinks it to be true.

Another example of this appeal to authority would be when a famous actor is advertising a brand. Since the famous person likes it, you should like it, too.

Several political ads use appeal to authority, but they also use several other logical fallacies. For example, the bandwagon fallacy is used in a way such as “we are all voting for this person, so you should, too.”

On social media, people use logical fallacies to argue all the time.

Twitter Argument

On twitter, I always see a lot of people arguing. Recently, I noticed a lot of people use logical fallacies. For example, the screenshot below.

This is a screenshot of a message that was sent to a person named Lucien Greaves through twitter. This is an example of a loaded question because wether Lucien was to answer yes or no, he would still be agreeing to the question. He would be calling himself “one of the most sadistic and gross people.”

At least Lucien realized it was a logical fallacy. Always be aware when arguing, especially on social media, of people’s false logic. Call them out!

To see more about this Twitter post, follow this link.

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