Dream Speech by MLK – Then vs Now


(This blog is in response to The King’s Speech Assignment. The speech I chose is the Dream Speech by MLK.)

Almost every famous speech remains valuable over time, but they are perceived differently. After analyzing how people received Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I Have a Dream” at the time it was given, I looked into how we think of the Dream speech today.

The Dream Speech Before

At the time the Dream Speech was given, it had a mixed reception originally. People thought he was too preachy and visionary with the speech. Then didn’t think anything would happen in the future. However, many people did see the speech in a good way, too. They gained hope from it and they were hopeful about the future. Overall, there were a lot of people who supported him, but there was also a lot of people who were against him. There could have even been less supporters than people against him.

After his death, people started to recognize his speech more and became more hopeful and agreed with him.

The Dream Speech Later

Now, people see the speech as iconic. When you hear the words “I have a dream,” or even if someone woke up one morning and said “I had a dream,” what’s the first thing you think of? Probably MLK and his speech. It has such a great impact on people, then and now, that we still learn about him and his speech in schools today. The speech was originally meant to give African American people hope for equality in their future, and today, it still does that, since there is still inequality and racism today. People still look up to this icon.

Overall, not much changed about the reception of this speech. More people just look up to the speech than before.

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