Two Sides Same Coin: the Coronavirus


Disclaimer: This article was written before the Coronavirus spread more all over the globe and before the quarantine.

We do not know enough about the Coronavirus. People always point their fingers when they do not know what is going on; when they are afraid. They do not have answers about the Coronavirus, so they make up their own. This is what causes things like hate and racism. Beware, because there are some false articles out there about the Coronavirus that can influence racism toward Asians.

(See the “Two Sides, Same Coin?” assignment. )

Summary of the Articles

This is the article that talks about how the coronavirus spreads racism against the Chinese. We will be defending this article.

This is the article I am “warning” the other one about, as it says that the coronavirus comes from bats without any proof. This type of article is one that may cause racism toward the Chinese since they eat bats. Then, they get called names and take full blame.

Rhetoric in the Coronavirus Bats Article

Let’s look at this article closely. First, we notice the title, where they say “Experts think bats are the source of the Wuhan Corona Virus. At least 4 pandemics have originated in these animals.” Although they say the word “think” in there, they are trying to make it seem as if it is for sure that eating bats caused corona. They used ethos by including that it was experts who said it to boost credibility. Most people would see the title and say “wow, why did these people eat those bats!” They would then shift their blame to people in Wuhan, eventually spreading their racism to all Asians. Basically, whether the article meant it or not, it is important to be careful when reading it because it doesn’t say it was for sure and it might promote racism indirectly. The way the entire article is written continues to do this.

Overall, this these are the types of articles to watch out for.

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