WANTED: Dead or Alive!

Guy looking at two different paths

When I was looking at meme inspiration I came across a meme having to do with Pro-Life people. I immediately thought about how controversial this topic is. It has been mentioned within our schools, it has been all over social media, and it seems to make its appearance on a lot of television/radio channels. This topic is a big one and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

First of all, I would like to point out that by using this meme I am not saying I am more toward one side or the other; I have my opinions for both sides of the spectrum. However, I do know that many arguments on this topic could be controlled more effectively with the knowledge of rhetoric. Whether it be used in people’s posts on their social media platforms or even just every day conversations between two individuals, by using rhetoric I think people would be able to see their words as more effective when explaining their thoughts and opinions.

People are quick to accuse other peoples’ opinions of being wrong when in reality if we told our side and gave factual evidence, it wouldn’t come off as harsh. For example, we see on social media all kinds of negative posts about people arguing about their opinions on abortion. If people would just stick to the hard facts and not try to start fights, maybe we could all get along and people would be able to see both sides of people’s thoughts. By including factual evidence and statistics, we sound more knowledgeable on the topic. When a person accuses someone of being wrong, the other person just automatically feels attacked. We’ll see in the comments on posts that people accuse others of being wrong all the time when in reality they are just trying to explain their own opinion on the topic. After that first impression, it is very difficult to change that person’s mind on your opinion. It all comes down to communication and how people communicate their thoughts to another person by carefully choosing their words to not make it come off so harsh.

When it comes to the rhetoric in canons it can be seen in several different elements. The style plays a big part because of what the picture represents. It has to do with the ideas of topics and how those thoughts are articulated. The style of how someone communicates those ideas is a huge part in rhetoric. It is also important for things to be arranged in a specific order. Take a statement that someone says for example. It wouldn’t make sense to arrange the statement any other way. Arranging the words in this specific order makes the statement more humorous to read. This meme is supposed to make the viewer laugh, all while thinking about rhetoric with a very controversial topic. Another canon is delivery and how words are communicated to another person. Like style, how a statement is said is a big aspect of how it comes across to the other person. How something is said can sometimes be even more important that what was said. Memory is another canon that played a part when creating my meme. Being a good speaker plays a part in making your conversation more memorable to other people. This can go as far as how well you enunciate your words to if your conversation is impactful due to the humor. Either way it is good to keep the receiver engaged in whatever you are trying to get across. Lastly, invention is the last component in the canon. Invention has to do with finding what to say and creating those sentences on your own in your head. It’s all about the thought process behind the conversation.

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