The Difference Between Rhetoric and Arguing

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                In chapters 1,2, and 4 of Thank You for Arguing, it talks about the difference between being persuasive and arguing with someone. While being persuasive, a person can usually get the other person to do something. It allows the receiver to acknowledge what the other sender is saying and take it into consideration when giving a response to what action they are going to take next. By arguing with someone, all they’re doing is starting a fight with that other person.

In the chapters it also talked about how over the years’ education has gotten further and further away from rhetoric. Very few schools still practice it, therefore, leaving the majority of people “persuading” in an incorrect manner. The more we learn about rhetoric informs us on how to communicate with other people.

The chapters gave scenarios which helped to understand rhetoric in a more visual way throughout the chapter. By wording statements in a different way, things don’t come off as harsh and can be taken more into consideration when responding. If things are said in a mean tone, people are less likely to do what you are persuading them to do. It gave an example of talking to a cop when

Overall, rhetoric is very important when it comes to communication. Without good communication, there really can’t be any persuasion within a conversation between two individuals. Communication is in most things; some may even argue that it is in everything. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to correctly communicate with others.

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