Fallacies in Life

Communication among people

Most people have never even heard the word “fallacy“, let alone know what it means. I was one of those people until I read Chapter 14. I now feel like I have been missing out on such an important piece of what goes on in my world with communication. It’s actually very crucial to understand what a fallacy is because if used in an incorrect way, one can ruin the whole conversation. However, that’s not the case in rhetoric. As long as you can explain where you are going with your word and fallacies in rhetoric, then you are free to write whatever your heart desires.

So what is a fallacy? A fallacy is an incorrect reasoning that in return, makes the statement that the person is trying to get across, invalid. However, in rhetoric, if a person can back up their statement, then they can go ahead and use it. Just be aware that it could cause controversy among whoever is being communicated with.

There are four questions that one should ask them self when thinking about this topic:

1.) Does the proof hold up

2.) Am I given the right number of choices?

3.) Does the proof lead to the conclusion

4.) Who cares?

These questions will help in the thinking process to better support the statements that are trying to be persuaded. With these in mind, whatever is said at least has enough back ground information to support it and make it worth communicating.

Fallacies have several deadly sins. The first being comparison. It is so important to compare things that are alike for little confusion. Otherwise, what is trying to be portrayed doesn’t even sound believable. Another deadly sin would be ignorance. In order to sound professional, we need to have all of the information we need to not sound stupid. Most people don’t do the research to back up their information and it makes them seem uninformed on the topic that they are trying to explain.

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