Fallacies in Advertising

Photo of a film center

Fallacies are basically in every commercial or advertisement that you see. We have just either never thought to recognize them or never knew enough about them to understand what these companies are trying to do. Using fallacies are a huge tactic in advertisements because if it’s not pulling on your heart strings, then its putting down another company to make them look bad and if it’s not that, then it’s using those statistical facts/data to prove their point.

In this logical fallacy above, the company, Pedigree, is pulling on your heart strings and using Appeal to Emotion. By saying they will make a donation to shelters when someone buys Pedigree makes the consumer feel as though they are making a difference in the world. Almost as if they are donating to the shelters themselves and helping these shelters out. People want to feel like they are world changers to boost their ego. However, on the other hand, people are very lazy. Pedigree takes into consider both by making their customer feel important, but allowing them to be lazy.

The company uses a tactic that makes it easy for the consumer to buy their product and feel important. It’s a smart skill to have used. It’s a lot like propaganda. Companies use propaganda for their advertisements. Usually those advertisements have some sort of fallacy within them. We see advertisements everyday and have probably never realized they surround our lives. They are everywhere and we haven’t ever really paid attention to them.

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