Coronavirus Death Tolls in Florida

The Coronavirus is by far the hottest topic right now due to the fact that mostly everything has been shut down because of it. The news is filled with articles, ads, and videos having to do with the virus and what steps people should be taking in their daily lives. It’s crazy to see the world go into lock down, but the news has done a good job at keeping us informed on statistics and updates on cases, deaths, and recoveries. With the being said, it’s still very depressing to hear about all that’s been going down.

In the article, “Florida Coronavirus Death Tolls Surpass 600”, it updates us on more deaths due to the virus. By laying out the facts and numbers, News 6 uses logos to spread the information they are trying to relay to us. Logos is probably one of the most used rhetorical theories when looking at the news because of the factual information that they are known to spread. As American people, we expect to receive news as soon as it is out and we trust the news that this information is correct. By using logos, there are numbers to back the information up.

I do feel as though some news sources also sometimes use pathos because of the appeal to emotions, however, this news article does not; other than the fact that death in general is very sad and unfortunately we have lost a ton of lives due to this virus. There is not a specific story that this article brought up though that appeals to emotions and makes people become attached.

I really liked this article because of the organized layout. It broke down the different counties within central Florida to show the number of cases in each. It relayed information such as: cases, hospitalizations, and deaths to give the most updated information on the cause. It went into detail on the tragic increase in deaths and even provided some background information on the topic such as: the time frame in which these numbers have jumped so drastically. The article was well thought out and provided current information to information central Florida’s population.

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