Both Sides of a Situation

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Abortion is a very controversial topic these days. It almost seems as if it has become more popular because of the way people voice their opinions on it. However, there are always two sides to a situation; and the same goes for this one. People who voice their opinions on pro choice have good points, but that’s not to say that the folks who are on the pro life side don’t have other great facts to back up their argument. It’s all in how these different sides explain their opinions that matters. Maybe then other people will listen and start to understand the other side of the situation.

Disclaimer: I am not supporting either side of this topic. This post is simply explaining both sides’ views.

USA Today on Pro Life

When USA Today made their argument on Pro Life and why women should give their babies an opportunity at life, I can see their side. It definitely pulls on your heart strings. But what about the women who are suffering because of it? Doesn’t that pull on your heart strings? There is so much more to it than just giving babies a chance to live out their lives that they never even knew they had. We have to think of the whole situation here. In this link, it goes into depth on why women should have control over their own bodies. Ultimately, if the mother decides to make that decision for herself, then it shouldn’t really concern anyone except her and potentially the baby’s father. Other people shouldn’t have a voice in a family’s situation. Women have a right to make decisions for their own bodies.

There are many reasons why a mother could choose abortion; rape being one of the most prominent. I think people forget that rape is a very traumatic situation for a person to have to go through and to have a baby as a reminder of that can be a lot; especially when the mother wasn’t planning on having a child at that moment in her life. This can leave the mother in a very tough situation. Maybe she isn’t financially stable, maybe she isn’t mentally ready, or maybe she is physically still too young and her body isn’t mature enough to go through intense labor. As human beings, we become very selfish and don’t think about all of the other situations that people may be going through in their own lives.

People consider birth control to be a form of abortion, as well. They believe that it should be banned and that an alternate form of “birth control” would be to just not have vaginal intercourse. What those people don’t realize is that not all women take birth control as a form of pregnancy prevention. Birth control can be used for a lot of health reasons, as well. People are quick to give their opinions on birth control without having all of the facts about it. Some women use birth control to help with their menstrual cycle, some use it to lessen the pain of menstrual symptoms, and other actually have conditions that require them to be on birth control as a form of medication. Without this, they could have serious complications. By banning abortions, women will find illegal ways to find abortionists. Women can potentially have way more going on in their lives than other people even know about and to take something that could be very beneficial away is disheartening.

BBC on Pro Choice

When reading BBC’s article on why a mother should be given the option for abortion, there are many thoughts that run through my mind. A baby is still considered a human whether they’re out of the womb or not! In this link, it goes into more detail on why women should not be allowed to escape their mistakes this easily. There are plenty of other ways to handle the situation of being pregnant. For example, adoption. If a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, there are many families who are unable to have children that would be more than happy to take that child into their home. Adoption is a great way to do that and create a whole family.

These poor babies don’t even get a chance at life. They could be someone who makes a difference in this world and by allowing abortion to be legal, they don’t even get the chance. USA Today says that women should have a say on what they do to their bodies, but then shouldn’t the babies have a say on what happens to their bodies? I don’t think this is the choice they would make. It shouldn’t be this easy to get rid of a baby; a living thing. Babies should not be considered “mistakes” and by legalizing abortions we are just allowing that statement to be true. When we were little and we got in trouble, we didn’t escape our mistakes that easily. We couldn’t just erase them like it never happened. So why should we be able to now? There are other options that a woman has to keep the life of their child even if they do not want to keep their baby themselves.

Abortion is not the only option for a scared mother and that’s what people are making it seem like. The unborn babies deserve a chance at life. Some of them could grow up and be very successful and when abortions happen we are not giving them a chance to even start that life.

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