Plato and Abe Meme

Statue at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

This assignment was to create a meme that makes a claim about the modern perception of Rhetoric and I believe the following is a great representation.

This meme fits because the majority of society doesn’t honestly know what rhetoric is or how to use it. The claim that I’m making with this meme is that society is not knowledgable about the mechanics in which rhetoric works. So much so that the person viewing this meme would have no idea that it is rhetoric within itself. Our shared idea of rhetoric as a society is warped from what the true purpose of it. Many just think it is advertizing or something politicians use, but it is so much more than that.

Why does this meme work?

I chose the draw 25 format as my meme because it is simple to follow and shows the consequence of not knowing about the topic of rhetoric. The meme clicks with the audience because they know that drawing 25 cards in Uno is bad. Due to much of the population not knowing what rhetoric is without the use of Google, it’s logical that they would have to draw 25 cards. The meme connotates that due to the consequence of drawing 25, the viewer should know what rhetoric is. The face of the man in the second frame confirms that for us.

So how does this meme serve us?

This meme serves us by presenting the issue that most of society doesn’t understand the concept of rhetoric outside of the casual use of the word in a conversation. Without search engines like Google, many people wouldn’t understand why rhetoric is important. The meme makes a comment on the lack of knowledge on the subject of rhetoric. The door is now open for a conversation about what rhetoric is and how it’s used.

Classical Rhetorical Canons

Taking a view at the meme from the classical rhetorical canons from Plato 370 BC, the five canons included can be used to describe the makeup of the meme. The first of the five canons is the invention, which is the creation of the meme, from picking the right image to picking what text goes inside of it. The next canon is style. It is stylized by using a familiar meme base and familiar text. The UNO meme has been very popular as of late and with a recent rhetoric class, familiarity is huge stylistically. The way the meme is arranged is to have a setup on the left side of the meme, saying literally anything or draw 25, with the next part of the meme seeing someone with 25 cards showcasing they wouldn’t do what was asked even if it meant to pick so many up. The delivery is meant to be humorous, with some relatability as well. The whole UNO meme style is typically used for comedic purposes and this is no different. The last canon is memory. This meme does its job of being memorable by use of the recently popularized meme, if someone sees it, they typically will automatically know how the joke is delivered. With students in rhetoric classes, the familiarity will make the meme instantly memorable.

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