The Two Sides of Social Media

social media good or bad

What the Independent missed…

In this article, we will be addressing an article posted to the Independent website regarding social media and the negative effects that it has on our mental health. The article lists six ways that social media is negative to our mental health. Those six reasons are very vague and can be refuted with the article posted on our website about seven ways social media can actually benefit our mental health.

The first reason the Independent’s article lists is lack of human connection due to social media. This is wrong as social media can actually bring people together. Social media allows people to find others with similar interests around the world.

The article also claims that social media distorts our perception of memories. Meanwhile, photos are a great way to relive memories and remember the good times you have had over the years. Snapchat for example shows you the anniversaries of the photos you have taken and saved since you have downloaded the app.

Sleep is shown to be affected by use of technology because of the harmful light your smartphones and TVs put off. The light can confuse your circadian rhythm and cause your brain to think you are awake. However, apps such as Calm and Headspace actually help you sleep!

The article claims that overall social media is negative to mental health , however, there are plenty of resources that actually can improve your mental health. Social media gives people the opportunity to experiment with different modes of creative self-expression, which is in itself therapeutic.

The article posted by the Independent uses rhetoric to try to convince its readers that social media is actually negative. The biggest rhetorical fallacy that we are guilty of is black or white. The article does very little to show the other side of the argument. Therefore, the article is saying either social media is bad or it’s good, but they could try to argue that social media can be both bad and good. They fail to see the other side.

The article is also guilty of using slippery slopes. They believe that using social media will then cause you to get addicted then cause depression, but that is not always the case. When social media is used properly it can actually improve your mental health.

Painted Brain doesn’t have Support

Painted Brain posted an article about ways that social media is good for mental health. This article fails to mention some ways that social media is bad for mental health. This is a very important topic especially when it comes to social media causing depression in teens all over the world. Social media has been proven to be addictive and when we become reliant on it, our mental health can be forgotten.

The article posted to Painted Brain boasts that social media can help create communities and make connections. However, we can make connections without our phones. Phones actually distract us from making connections in the real world which can help us live in the moment and make memories.

The article also claims that social media is beneficial to mental health. However, surveys being done have proved that 41 per cent stated that social media platforms make them feel anxious, sad or depressed.

Painted Brain wants to convince you that social media is good but they don’t provide much support to back it up. They don’t have any quotes, interviews, or studies to prove that social media is good for mental health. The article doesn’t focus on the logos, or logic, of their article.

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