Is Arguing the Key to a Good Marriage?

Is arguing the key to a happy marriage?

Arguing versus Fighting

In the meme I made I am making a statement on the research that Heinrichs talks about in chapter two of his book, Thank you for Arguing. In this chapter, it looked at the difference between arguing and rhetoric. In this chapter, he brings up an experiment done in the 80s. In this experiment, scientists observe both healthy and unhealthy relationships. They concluded that both couples in healthy and unhealthy relationships argued the same amount. However, the couples in healthy relationships used the argument as a tool to reach compromise while the unhealthy marriages argued as a way of attacking the other person. I thought that this was very interesting because I have always looked at arguing as a bad thing. Even the word “argument” has such negativity associated with it. Arguing is not bad, itself, but it is the way you argue and the reason behind the argument that makes it good or bad. The meme I made makes the statement on the difference between the good type of arguing and the bad.

What are Memes Used For?

I think that memes have multiple uses including sharing opinions but also teaching lessons. That’s what I like about memes. A meme can be both funny and serious at the same time. You can learn from memes, but not realize that you’re learning becuase it is funny to look at. For me, my meme is both funny but also shares a very important message for everyone to think about.

Rhetorical Canon

Using classical rhetorical cannon I can analyze my meme and explain why it is rhetorical. The arrangement of my meme is very important to the rheotrical aspect of the meme. The first picture had to be first along with the words becuase it makes more sense that way. Also the arrangement of the picture and the words next to it make it easier to read and therefore easier to understand. The style of the meme is also important. This meme is not like most memes witht eh words on top of the picture instead I placed it next to the picture. This is becuase this is how this meme is styled in popular culture. The delivery of the meme is also very important. In this day and age memes are very important and are a big part of todays culture. This class is for college students so the audience is in the age range of people who like memes so the delivery of the message via meme is acceptable. Memes are able to create and deliver a message in a very simple and often times hemorous way.

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