PSA: Make Saint Leo’s Campus Greener

Photo of a plant to represent a healthy planet

This PSA has two elements: a flyer which will placed inside Benedict’s Coffee House and a video which will be posted on various social media sites through Saint Leo accounts (such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook).

PSA Proposal


To: Dr. Friend

From: Emily Miller

Date: April 16, 2020

Subject: Proposal for a greener campus PSA

I am writing you to propose an idea for a PSA campaign. This campaign will concern making Saint Leo University’s campus more environmentally friendly. We do not recycle as a campus and the amount of waste has significantly increased since Benedict’s opening due to disposable coffee cups, hence the need for this PSA.

It will target those who live, work, or visit campus regularly—in other words, students, staff, and faculty alike. In my campaign, I will focus on reusing and recycling by:

  • Encouraging the use of reusable cups for Benedict’s
  • Encouraging recycling when possible: either individually or by pledging with a group to recycle when possible (groups can include Greek life, clubs, departments, etc.)

I will use a poster format (to be distributed throughout campus) and a video format (to be posted on Saint Leo accounts on various social media platforms).

The current lack of recycling efforts and increase in disposable cup waste (pre-Corona) is evidence for a lack of care for the environment. Or, at least, a lack of understanding of one’s personal responsibility in caring for the environment. Instead of trying to change the values of the Saint Leo community, I want to focus on our current core value system.

The underlying message of both my poster and video will be: “YOU give our Core Values meaning” and would provide the proceeding evidence for that statement.

  • Choose reusable options when necessary, like a Benedict’s cup” and “recycle when possible.”
  • It’s respectful to our campus and the Earth
  •  Recycling with a group would build a stronger community,
  • Reusing and recycling would “foster a spirit of service,” thus making us responsible stewards

Visually, the PSA would depict Fritz the lion in a “Smokey the Bear stance” (finger pointed toward audience and mouth in “o” shape). The Smokey Bear campaign started in ‘44 so it’d be reminiscent of the childhood’s of both younger and older Leo community members. 

PSA Proposal Changes

For the flyer, I had originally planned a lot of text. I think by focusing on one element (the reusable Benedict’s coffee cup) rather than that and the recycling pact, I was able to create a more effective design. The shorter something is, the more likely people are going to view it and process its information. It still gets my main point across: bring a reusable cup so appear responsible, waste is reduced and the campus remains beautiful. I still tie in the desires and needs of my audience, essentially.

For the video, I chose the closest photo of Fritz to the Smokey Bear photo. As I’m unable to go to campus at the moment (let alone get a new picture of Fritz — I doubt the mascot-wearer is even there), the photo of him pointing at the audience does well, I think. I also tried to make that video relatively short. When people scroll through social media, brevity is key to getting their attention.

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