Two Sides of the Same Coin called: Veganism

falling pennies

There’s a recently published pro vegan article titled “Are there Health Benefits to going Vegan?” and is written by Jessica Brown on January 23rd of 2020 on the BBC’s website platform. Empowered Sustenance should watch out for this article because they are not giving any examples of people who are actually vegan and how damaged they can be health wise. This article uses no ethos to get across to their audience, there are no people giving their personal opinions on why they like to be vegan, it’s just random dietary facts that can be incorporated with meat any day. The photos they use are Red Herrings because they have soft lighting and show appetizing foods that don’t really correlate with their message. All of the logos listed in this article can negatively impact someone if they decide to be vegan based off of that article because the facts that they’re listing are only small components that go into being vegan and nothing about how not being Vegan can be better for someone.

This article is based on the small things that are vegan and don’t talk about any of the larger factors that could make people ill from being vegan. The text presents no counterclaim in association to why meat is a good option so there’s no room for debate on their page. “Are there Health Benefits to going Vegan” is an article that gives no real factual evidence on the health benefits that can come with being Vegan. This article gives incorrect information to its readers and can ultimately affect the Empowered Sustenance audience if they decide to read it.

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