Two Sides of the Same Coin called: Veganism

falling pennies

There’s a recently published anti- vegan article that’s titled “10 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Vegan” and is written by Lauren Geertsen on October 13th of 2014 on the Empowered Sustenance’s website platform. BBC should be on the look out for this article because the author is basing the information they’re giving off of their opinions and ideology and listing it as factual evidence against vegans when it’s not. This article is based more on the authors set of values than the actual debate of wether or not to be vegan. This article is littered with ethos on the author’s lifestyle and how not being vegan has benefitted her in the best way but never states if she’s even tried being vegan and the different affects it would have on her.

This entire article also lists debatable logos. The facts presented in this article only demonstrates the extremes and slight possibilities that could happen with being vegan, as well as deficiencies that can come from multiple factors that aren’t even vegan related. There is only one photo in this article and it’s trying to make the reader think about meat from the very beginning of the article. The text presents no counterclaim in association to why being vegan is a good option so there’s no room for debate on their page. “10 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Vegan” goes against BBC’s audience of pro vegans by the author disguising her beliefs with small facts that only affect people being vegan under extreme circumstances.

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