Rhetoric in Writing: Memes

Meme cat with cool sunglasses
edited flikr image: Scott Moore – IMG_1002 tomoko

Memes are continually being used as a platform for opinions. Memes show thought through the message it sends and the way it’s portrayed. For example, I chose to do my meme on how I feel about people who talk about veganism in an unhealthy way even though those people don’t eat healthy. This can also expose a shared experience depending on the meme with its opinion. Memes are often relatable content; a person could look at my meme and find it appealing if they’re from a vegan perspective and have heard similar context. Even if a person is not a vegan and doesn’t relate to the concrete content, they can still find a way to mimic the meme with something that is relatable to them by thinking about the general idea of people making assumptions without having the right credibility.

On the other hand, memes can also be confusing to the point of focusing on wanting a different pattern style to the meme or simply no relatability. For example, someone could believe that it should’ve been flipped by saying “When someone eats at McDonalds every day but says being vegan is unhealthy”, then invalidate the original meme because they don’t agree with the pattern. The lack of a wanted reaction of a meme can also rise from if someone viewed my meme and felt indifferent about the topic or simply didn’t know that the message was to say that people make assumptions without having the right credibility; the person might disregard the meme or invalidate its humor. Whether it be that you are a vegan, have friends who are vegan, or someone that understands the concept of assumptions in this context, you have the background to find it amusing on some level. At the end of the day, memes are a platform for opinion, and its performance can either make the audience agree or appose. As long as the meme fits the status of Collin Brook’s Digital Rhetoric with having a perspective, a pattern, and a performance that gives you some sort of response, it’s a valid meme.

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