Obama’s Key Note Speech, 2004

President Obama

This was the first speech the former president Barack Obama made as his introduction to the country. I chose to watch this speech from youtube and look at the difference in the comment section. This video was posted on July 27, 2016 by CNN and has 10k likes on youtube.

The 2016 Audience

The original comment section from 2016 showed a reflection on the speech. Some of them said that “I forgot how powerful this speech was” and “This man did great things from the beginning and it shows in this speech.” The audience in this speech’s platform are the viewers (851,410 views) and a majority claimed to have only respectful comments towards the speech’s video.

The 2020 Audience

The most recent comment section, as early as a day ago, contained a comparison between to the speeches given by Obama to the speeches given by Trump. Commenters have said “Why can’t we go back to this resonating speech instead of the hateful speeches that Trump gives” and “I come here to have my hope in humanity restored.”

The Similarities and Differences

There are by far more comparisons in reactions when looking at the comment section versus things that make a three year old post and a one week old post virtually the same. Although, the key difference between the two of the audiences is the fact that in 2016, people where watching this piece and only thinking of Obama’s delivery and content. While, the 2020 audience is taking the current presidency into account when commenting on this video.

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