Rhetorical Analysis of NPR’s Newest Update on COVID-19

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NPR recently posted an article about the newest symptoms added to COVID-19. This article is a brief news summary on the recently reported symptoms for the Corona Virus. It was published on the platform of NPR’s website and falls under their section of Live Updates for the Corona Virus.

This article is listed as a reliable source in regards to its Logos with its source of information being the CDC. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a credible source to pull from because they are a leading public health institute and committed to providing scientific information for the goal of quality control. This entire article provides facts given by the CDC.

This article makes a great example of Amplification to show its list of new symptoms for COVID-19. They do this by reinstating that they’ve received their information from the CDC and that the symptoms are solely related to COVID-19. This article is covered with Logos, in this article they talk about the original symptoms involving COVID-19 to indicate that those symptoms still apply to someone if they have the virus and that the new list of symptoms given do not replace the original stated signs of COVID-19. As well as providing hyperlinks to separate articles regarding the updates and their sources.

There is some extent of Ethos in this article by briefly mentioning that the number of deaths involved in the Corona Virus are now much larger than the amount of the annual death toll for Pneumonia and Flu. This can invoke a feeling of urgency for the article as a whole to let the reader know the significance of how seriously they should be taking this Pandemic.

I think that they wrote an informative article that someone could read and not be confused by. The article lists the expansion of symptoms very cohesively and gives the proper tags at the end of the text to let you know the purpose behind this article to make it accessible among the other articles of information involving COVID-19.

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