Advertisement with Fallacies

Fallacies find themselves laced into almost every conceivable advertisement with a goal. An ad that I chose to represent this claim is the most recent 2020 Toyota Highlander advertisement in this year’s Super Bowl commercials. This Ad gives clear examples of the Appeal to Emotion, as well as contain Popular Culture reference found in the lay out of the advertisement.

Using the Heroic, but Humorous Approach

This advertisement appeals to emotion because it portrayed a car with extra room by using actress Cobie Smulders to ride around to different scenes that show people being selfless and letting others go before them to save them, while keeping it light hearted with the comedy of Cobie Smulders randomly pulling up into these ‘serious’ scenes with her 2020 Toyota Highlander. All of these scenes contained a hero that would go into the 2020 Toyota Highlander because it had “extra room”. At the end it gives a very real world example by having Cobie Smulders pick up her son from the movies. It conveys itself as a car for the hero of heroes.

Artifact and Actress Choices

This advertisement contains the artifact of the car. The car gives you a sense of heroism when you see it, that feeling derives from the commercial that represents the car. With this artifact, the commercial pushes you to think that if you’re driving this car, you will be perceived as the hero of the day with anyone that rides in your 2020 Toyota Highlander. They included todays culture of movies by using examples found in very common movie ideas, like the attack of the aliens.

The push for this is also shown by the driver, the popular actress Cobie Smulders. Who has been in How I Met Your Mother, Stumptown, Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Avengers Series, etc. This makes the commercial have you a sense of two different identities. With the relationship of the actress’ past role on How I Met Your Mother comes into play Cobie Smulders driving and saving people from movie instances portrayed very comedically, all in all it was the smart move. Then, when you consider her newer, more heroic roles like in The Avengers, the actress can fit into the other side of the commercial, saving people. With that, this commercial shows the relationship between heroism and getting across to the audience comedically. Making the 2020 Toyota Highlander advertisement in this year’s Super Bowl commercial list, very affective to its audience.

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