My Amazing Portfolio

Iman A. Student
Class of 2020 | English Major |

21 April 2020
Dr. Friend
Assistant Professor of English
Saint Leo University

Dear Dr. Friend:

I’m writing to share with you the ways I successfully achieved the course outcomes in our class this semester. Because this sample document will be used in multiple classes, I’m not going to actually name the outcomes (because they’re different in each class), but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Our first outcome was such-and-such. I achieved this outcome when I wrote this thing over here. That document demonstrates the outcome by showing me doing really neat things. And because I’m such a good student, I’m going to explain how that works a bit, rather than ending this ¶ right here.

For my next trick—I mean outcome—I’ll talk about this other thing I wrote, because it totes demonstrates outcomes’n’stuff.

See? I did the things. All of them. Like, for realz.


Iman A. Student

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