All these silver beads connected by green rope; whose portfolio uses rope? Srsly.

Your Portfolio: A How-To

The writing components of this course are graded as a portfolio, starting with your cover letter. This portfolio, like all your work this semester, will be entirely digital. Digital portfolios are easier to make than you think, once you wrap your brain around what they actually are. For the Want of a Staple When people…

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Valentine's Dates

Lovey-Dovey Dates

            February is all about love and having fun with the people you care about. Whether that be a significant other or your best friend, it’s always nice to have a date night! However, with that being said, who’s sick of the cliché dinner date ideas? Have no fear! With these unique date options, there…

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Advertisement with Fallacies

Fallacies find themselves laced into almost every conceivable advertisement with a goal. An ad that I chose to represent this claim is the most recent 2020 Toyota Highlander advertisement in this year’s Super Bowl commercials. This Ad gives clear examples of the Appeal to Emotion, as well as contain Popular Culture reference found in the lay out…

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