Communication among people

Fallacies in Life

Most people have never even heard the word “fallacy“, let alone know what it means. I was one of those people until I read Chapter 14. I now feel like I have been missing out on such an important piece of what goes on in my world with communication. It’s actually very crucial to understand…

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All About Fallacies

There were a few things that stuck out to me in chapter’s 14, 15, and 16 because I’ve never learned about logical fallacies being used in rhetoric. Before the reading, I assumed that you should never use logical fallacies because they are just bad logic, but I realized that if you are able to get…

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Highway in Hawaii showing mountains

My Way Or The Highway

Typically people think that the more logic you have, the better your argument will be, but that’s not true. Logic and argument are two different things where logic has so many different kinds of rules. An argument has only one rule, which is “Never argue the inarguable”; in other words, no matter what you do,…

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