Valentine's Dates

Lovey-Dovey Dates

            February is all about love and having fun with the people you care about. Whether that be a significant other or your best friend, it’s always nice to have a date night! However, with that being said, who’s sick of the cliché dinner date ideas? Have no fear! With these unique date options, there…

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photo of girl with the word "equality" written on her knuckles

“The Gettysburg Address:” Praised and Shunned

Original Reception President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address received mixed reviews at the time it was given. Specifically, reviews were divided mainly along political party lines: this Discourse community consisted of Republicans with positive reactions and Democrats with negative reactions. Regardless of political leaning, however, the speech was popular. The Chicago Times, a Democratic newspaper called the…

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Rhetorical Analysis of NPR News

The article “White House Unveils Coronavirus Guidelines on Path to Reopening The Country” outlines the three-phase process by which Trump and the coronavirus response team plans to return the U.S. to “normal,” or pre-corona society. It also discusses the context and effects of this announcement, amalgamating quotes from Trump, White House physicians, and state governors….

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An Address to a Mourning Nation

On January 28th, 1986 Ronald Reagan gave his moving speech/eulogy to the nation regarding the terrible news of the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. This shuttle mission was a milestone for the space program as it was carrying a teacher, Christa McAuliffe, who had planned on conducting two lessons from space. Almost every television…

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Tom and Gisele Help Out

Decisions…Decisions The hardest part of the assignment was deciding where to find an article that I can analyze. I wanted to pick a topic that I would be interested in but also involve COVID-19. This was stuff as I never really watch or read the news since it is always sad. The Source The Tampa…

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