social media good or bad

The Two Sides of Social Media

What the Independent missed… In this article, we will be addressing an article posted to the Independent website regarding social media and the negative effects that it has on our mental health. The article lists six ways that social media is negative to our mental health. Those six reasons are very vague and can be…

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All these silver beads connected by green rope; whose portfolio uses rope? Srsly.

Your Portfolio: A How-To

The writing components of this course are graded as a portfolio, starting with your cover letter. This portfolio, like all your work this semester, will be entirely digital. Digital portfolios are easier to make than you think, once you wrap your brain around what they actually are. For the Want of a Staple When people…

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the American flag

Richard Nixon’s Resignation

After the Watergate Scandal investigation found tapes revealing  Nixon’s involvement in the scandal and ultimately lost his supporters in Congress. Knowing he would probably be removed from office, Nixon resigned from his position as President on August 9th, 1974. America watched as Nixon delivered his resignation speech, becoming the only president to resign from their…

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white coffee cup on table

The Sides of Coffee.

The Articles I chose to use news sources that I have knowledge of and look at for this assignment. The article by HUFFPOST is the side that’s against people drinking coffee. The author tries her best to convince readers to stop drinking coffee and trying to explain why its “evil.” The second article is the…

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