Fallacies in all the craziest places, or why our teacher might want to be a little more specific with his assignments

Everyone commits some fallacy (manipulative way of speaking and phrasing an argument) once in a while.  And yet people often don’t find them, especially in the least-expected places. Although I am grateful to my teacher for allowing me a homework extension due to extenuating circumstances, I must confess that I find it ironic that he,…

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Photo of a film center

Fallacies in Advertising

Fallacies are basically in every commercial or advertisement that you see. We have just either never thought to recognize them or never knew enough about them to understand what these companies are trying to do. Using fallacies are a huge tactic in advertisements because if it’s not pulling on your heart strings, then its putting…

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Colgate or Crest?

Fallacies in Ads

Where are fallacies? Fallacies can be found all over the place. You may not even notice fallacies but they are there and they are affecting what you buy, where you go, and how you feel. Commercials are one of the best places to find fallacies. The pure purpose of a commercial is to sell a…

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