Ways Saint Leo Students Can Stay Healthy

Saint Leo students, always joke about juggling a social life, school, family, exercise and mental health altogether. Although we may joke about this, sadly it’s something we all deal with. Most of us can juggle these issues with no problem. Some of us might need a little help, and this article is going to just that! Here is a list of things to try to help us Saint Leo students become healthier physically and mentally:

6. Taking Advantage of the Free Counseling Offered

Mental health is a massive part of every student. That’s why Saint Leo is here to help by offering free counseling services for every student, located in DeChantel Hall. The point of the counseling service stated on the website is that it “provides for the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of its students and campus personnel.” If you are ever feeling down, stressed, or need to talk to someone, they are always taking appointments, and don’t worry because it will always be confidential. 

5. Exercise Is Helpful

Exercising can help with mental health, avoiding weight gain, relieving stress, and helping with our moods. Saint Leo students have access to the Fitness Center, which is open Monday-Sunday at different times of the day; students can go to the gym before classes, in between classes or at the end of the day after work or classes. If the gym isn’t your favorite way to exercise, you and a friend can walk, jog or run around campus any time of the day. You can get a workout and enjoy our beautiful campus. While Saint Leo does have athletic teams, the University also offers intramural sports that are open to all students. Intramural sports are not as competitive and are a great way to socialize and get in a fun workout. The Bowman Center Pool is perfect for doing laps in, as well.

4. Eating Healthy

Living on campus away from home means parents cant tell us how and what we should eat. Being busy always means relying on the quickest way to eat, which is cheap, fast food restaurants. The Burger King and Taco Bell are only 10 minutes from campus. Eating the right amount of food means we are giving our bodies the right fuel to keep going throughout the day. The number one thing we should always be doing is making sure we eat enough fruits and vegetables in every meal. If you do not know what you like, take advantage of the buffet-style cafe Saint Leo offers students. Try and sample everything to figure out what you would like to eat.

3. Getting the Right Amount of Sleep

Dr. Crossman, a professor at Saint Leo University, teaches Choosing Wellness a class about ways students can live healthy and happy lives. Dr. Crossman stated, “While students probably know by now that limiting ambient light and establishing a routine bedtime and wake time can promote sleep. If they have tried this and still do not sleep well, perhaps this issue is stress. Since students may not have the skills to cope with stress, they can benefit from learning about and practicing some strategies to reduce their stress levels. So, the advice I would share is to find ways to manage stress (such as yoga), and you may find that you fall asleep more easily and sleep more deeply. We offer free yoga classes on campus. If yoga is not for you, try other relaxing activities like listening to music, or deep breathing.” This is advice every Saint Leo student should take to help with sleep.

2. Staying Hydrated

This is something that every student might have trouble with. Our bodies need water to stay hydrated, and we can’t rely on sugary drinks and coffee all the time. When we drink sugary drinks like Pepsi, we are putting sugar and unhealthy chemicals into our bodies. All around campus, we have water fountains that we can refill our reusable water cups or plastic water bottles between classes or on breaks, so there is no excuse for staying hydrated.

1. Please Wash Your Hands

When we are in college, we are always around people no matter where we go, and being in a place filled with so many people means germs are everywhere and on everything we touch. Sometimes you can’t always trust other people if they wash their hands or not. Right with the Coronavirus spreading now is the time to take this seriously. By merely just washing your hands, it prevents the spread of germs and prevents you and others from getting sick. We all want to avoid getting sick because sometimes we can’t afford to miss a day of classes. Don’t forget to take advantage of the hand sanitizers located in our restrooms as well.

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