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The hardest part of the assignment was deciding where to find an article that I can analyze. I wanted to pick a topic that I would be interested in but also involve COVID-19. This was stuff as I never really watch or read the news since it is always sad.

The Source

The Tampa Bay Times is the one place where I get all my “serious” news. Looking for a while, I found an article that was about pop culture and COVID-19, so it was the best of both worlds. The article “Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen pay for 750,000 meals through Feeding Tampa Bay” by Christopher O’Donnell was perfect. I live in the Tampa Bay Area, know about Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, and how it deals with COVID-19.

Although I do trust the Tampa Bay Times, I figured it would be best to research the writer. Christopher O’Donnell is a Vulnerable Communities Reporter for the Tampa Bay Times. In his bio, he states that he is a political junkie with a passion for Literature and loves to watch football. This made me a little concerned as I am not convinced he could be fit for an article like this. Tom Brady is a professional Football player, but this is not a sports article. Looking at his past articles, he does cover a lot of what is going on in the Tampa Bay Area.

Time to Analyze the Article

Reading the article, I noticed that O’Connell uses two hyperlinks. One is a sports article about how Tom Brady may need a map of Tampa, but he knows he will take the Bucs far. The second hyperlink was to lead readers to Feeding Tampa Bays donation page. I found the second hyperlink relevant, not so much for the first. That is until I thought about how the Bucs are part of the community. Brady taking the Bucs far is relevant.

It seems to me as O’Donnell is showing some praise to the new couple who recently moved to Tampa. The couple moved to Tampa, living on Davis Island where everyone can hope to bump into them or drive past their house. Now that they are our neighbors, it is a great idea to shine a light on all of the wonderful things they are doing. They have only been living here for about a month and are trying to take care of Tampa their new home.

O’Donnell does this by mentioning how many meals they were given with the money they donated. 750,000 meals are the number and said a lot. By writing about the increase of meals needed because of COVID-19, it gives the reader more respect for Brady and Bündchen. The author not only mentions the number of meals but does his calculations. Brady and Bündchen had to donate around $75,000 for the high amount of meals.

If O’Donnells main goal was to get people in the Tampa Bay area to show gratitude to the couple he does it well.

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