The “Meal” That Smiles Back

Eat What Makes You Happy

Memes have been getting more popular by the second. Every month there is a new type of meme that is trending. These memes become trending because they are hilarious, relatable, and sometimes turn a serious issue into a lighthearted joke. These are perfect for distracting everyone from the bad that has been recently happening around the world.
When looking at a meme, you can understand the thought and a mood just by looking at it. When looking at my meme, you can right away tell what type of meme it will be. I used the Xmen meme where its Cyclopes and Jean Grey kissing with Wolverine looking at you disappointed, By looking at the meme, you can already figure out someone will be Wolverine upset about something.

In this case, I made the meme about a situation in my life. I’m Cyclopes kissing Goldfish crackers, who are Jean Grey, and Wolverine is my boyfriend. The meme is a way of me using humor to prove a point. The idea is how I use Rhetoric which is the art of influencing and arguing your idea to get others to believe. The idea is eating a whole box of goldfish counts as eating a meal, but my boyfriend thinks its not a meal and is considered a snack. Using my idea and knowledge, I use Rhetoric to argue my point in why goldfish can be regarded as eating a meal. At the end of the day and meme, I end up being the winner. Many people can relate to this idea as others might think eating a whole bag of goldfish or even cheez it’s is a meal itself. These people go through the same situation as me finding it relatable and humourous.

The Canons

The invention is creating an idea. This is coming up with the meme and figuring out what to put into the meme. By using a cultural artifact and real-life experience I created a question in the minds of my audience of what makes a meal. The arrangement is the order of the elements. The images and text go in a specific order for the meme to work. I took my knowledge of what is going on in the meme to put the text in the specific placement to help my audience understand what is happening. Although I could’ve fixed the arrangement of the text to help guide their understanding. Style is coming up with what and how to put the text into the meme. My personal style is engaging in the material after finding a personal connection. This meme shows this style by using rhetoric as a weapon. This meme shows my personal style by personally connecting to what we learned in this class Memory is remembering the meme format and what is the context of the meme. I had to remember how the meme has been used by other people. Delivery represents how the meme was shown to the audience and what they took from it. My delivery must align with my style and it relies on my audience’s memory of the meme. I showed my class the top part of the meme to hook them in and prepare them for the bottom part to explain it.

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