My Way Or The Highway

Highway in Hawaii showing mountains

Typically people think that the more logic you have, the better your argument will be, but that’s not true. Logic and argument are two different things where logic has so many different kinds of rules. An argument has only one rule, which is “Never argue the inarguable”; in other words, no matter what you do, never try to block the argument. When you argue, you have a few things to keep in mind, like having a goal, trying to persuade your target, dealing with different kinds of language, and trying to make sure the argument doesn’t turn into a fight, when an argument turns to a fight it’s no longer an argument.
One thing to always avoid while making an argument is to avoid arguing about what “The Right Way” is. An example of what “The Right Way” is what people should eat for Thanksgiving dinner, the type of music too, and just rules and values that you believe in. “The Right Way” can never become an argument since it is only about one person’s specific choice they prefer. This is almost the same concept as “My Way or the Highway” way of thinking. Whenever you have to deal with someone who is making the foul of “The Right Way,” there are two options you can do. The first option is to call the person out by letting them know why what they said is incorrect, and they should have something to back up their value. The second option is to abruptly end the conversation in a way that will make you win by stating how no matter what you say, the discussion will never end up anywhere. According to the author, he chose the way to keep his mouth shut when his wife wanted to serve peaches on Christmas Eve. In the end, he ended up winning because the canned peaches turned into peach pie.

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