Hillary Speaks Her Mind

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On September 8, 1995, China Hillary Clifton delivered her famous speech, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. Clinton spoke her opinion on how the issues women face around the world are always ignored and never getting resolved.

Reception in the Moment

Hillary Clinton delivered the speech in a large conference hall in Bejing, China, which caused some concerns. The U.S. State Department and National Security Agency worried about the speech. She refused to change her remarks and views to make sure she wouldn’t anger China. In the speech, Clinton spoke out against governments and organizations around the world who were not making a change in women’s issues.

After Clinton shared her thoughts and views with topics like dowry deaths, discrimination, and even China’s one-child policy, she went on to become a legacy. The speech gained significant reporting from the media sharing this speech with the world. Many women delegates from different countries attending the conference pounded on the tables and cheered Clinton on. China blacked out the speech on every radio and TV. They made sure their citizens wouldn’t hear the speech at all.

Reception Today

Hilary Clinton’s speech made history influencing the women’s rights movement. “Women Rights are Human Rights” is being used more in society with the help of Clinton. The speech is number 35 on the list for American Rhetoric’s Top 100 Searches of the 20th Century. Clinton has even concluded that after the speech, it made progress for women’s education and healthcare.

Clinton used her speech to raise awareness for all. For instance, the LGBT community. On International Human Rights Day, Clinton shared her speech with the United Nations that gay rights are human rights. Clinton is using her power of speech to share with the world that every single person has their human rights. She is inspiring those to speak out, as well.

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