Night Lights

Audrey’s Cover Letter

Audrey WardClass of 2022 / English Major / audrey.ward@email.saintleo.edu28 April 2020Dr. FriendAssistant Professor of EnglishSaint Leo University Dear Dr. FriendThrough the weeks, of course, I found myself using the information from our group discussions in class to further understand each task in the assignments. Entering this class I did not know how Rhetoric was used…

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Empowering with Words

Suffered Abuse The speech Oprah Winfrey gives for her award is an empowering speech towomen and African Americans. She speaks about the experience she sawwith her mother, to the experiences, African American women had in the past. Her speech gives those who have suffered abuse; strength and lets them know they are not alone.The abuse…

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Just do it Advertisement

Advertising in Rhetoric The most commonly known of the millions are the three rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos Ethos refers to using credible sources. Within this ad, the Nike symbol is in the corner and includes the number one woman in sports. The logical fallacy that connects with ethos is the “appeal of…

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Colores Mexicanos

Modern Rhetoric

Though most people don’t realize it, modern rhetoric appears all over the world through different means every day. One of the most popular forms of expression of rhetoric is the meme. The meme I have created makes a simple claim.  Main Idea The idea is that modern rhetoric has lost its meaning with the average…

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Rhetoric in 2020

From reading the first three chapters of Jay Heinrichs, I became interested in the topic of seeing more in-depth on the usage of Rhetoric in ways we might not even realize throughout the day. Every time I am asked about my courses this semester, they give me a double look with the word Rhetoric Writing…

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