Valentine's Dates

Lovey-Dovey Dates

            February is all about love and having fun with the people you care about. Whether that be a significant other or your best friend, it’s always nice to have a date night! However, with that being said, who’s sick of the cliché dinner date ideas? Have no fear! With these unique date options, there…

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I Have A Dream

When people hear the words “I have a dream”, there is no question about who these famous words came from. Whether you agree with Martin Luther King’s speech or disagree, his name always comes to mind when thinking of these words. Martin Luther King exemplifies power and dominance in his speech by the way he…

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Photo of a film center

Fallacies in Advertising

Fallacies are basically in every commercial or advertisement that you see. We have just either never thought to recognize them or never knew enough about them to understand what these companies are trying to do. Using fallacies are a huge tactic in advertisements because if it’s not pulling on your heart strings, then its putting…

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Communication among people

Fallacies in Life

Most people have never even heard the word “fallacy“, let alone know what it means. I was one of those people until I read Chapter 14. I now feel like I have been missing out on such an important piece of what goes on in my world with communication. It’s actually very crucial to understand…

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Guy looking at two different paths

WANTED: Dead or Alive!

When I was looking at meme inspiration I came across a meme having to do with Pro-Life people. I immediately thought about how controversial this topic is. It has been mentioned within our schools, it has been all over social media, and it seems to make its appearance on a lot of television/radio channels. This…

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