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Em’s Cover Letter

Dear Friend, Thank you for a truly interesting, fun, and educational semester. I entered the class, happy to be around classmates I know and enjoy being around. I still, of course, enjoy being around these people, and I’m sad to see the seniors go. I’ve grown with these people as a critical thinker, reader, and…

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Discussion Post to Tumblr Post

Breath, Eyes, Memory Close-Reading Discussion Post I found the relationship between Tante Atie and Louise particularly interesting through a queer lens. The passage that first indicated this queer lens to me was when Dessalines was killed and “Louise buried her head in Tante Atie’s shoulder. Their faces were so close that their lips could meet…

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PSA: Make Saint Leo’s Campus Greener

This PSA has two elements: a flyer which will placed inside Benedict’s Coffee House and a video which will be posted on various social media sites through Saint Leo accounts (such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook). PSA Proposal Memorandum To: Dr. Friend From: Emily Miller Date: April 16, 2020 Subject: Proposal for a greener campus…

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“The Gettysburg Address:” Praised and Shunned

Original Reception President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address received mixed reviews at the time it was given. Specifically, reviews were divided mainly along political party lines: this Discourse community consisted of Republicans with positive reactions and Democrats with negative reactions. Regardless of political leaning, however, the speech was popular. The Chicago Times, a Democratic newspaper called the…

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Rhetorical Analysis of NPR News

The article “White House Unveils Coronavirus Guidelines on Path to Reopening The Country” outlines the three-phase process by which Trump and the coronavirus response team plans to return the U.S. to “normal,” or pre-corona society. It also discusses the context and effects of this announcement, amalgamating quotes from Trump, White House physicians, and state governors….

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The Basics of Persuasion:

Thank You for Arguing: Summary of Chapters 1, 2, and 4 Chapters 1, 2, and 4 of Heinrichs’ “Thank You for Arguing” discuss a number of tactics and theory discussing ways in which one can convince others.The chapters illustrated just how frequent persuasion and arguments are in our lives. It also defined persuasion outside the…

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