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The Sides of Coffee.

The Articles I chose to use news sources that I have knowledge of and look at for this assignment. The article by HUFFPOST is the side that’s against people drinking coffee. The author tries her best to convince readers to stop drinking coffee and trying to explain why its “evil.” The second article is the…

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Tom and Gisele Help Out

Decisions…Decisions The hardest part of the assignment was deciding where to find an article that I can analyze. I wanted to pick a topic that I would be interested in but also involve COVID-19. This was stuff as I never really watch or read the news since it is always sad. The Source The Tampa…

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Hillary Speaks Her Mind

On September 8, 1995, China Hillary Clifton delivered her famous speech, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. Clinton spoke her opinion on how the issues women face around the world are always ignored and never getting resolved. Reception in the Moment Hillary Clinton delivered the speech in…

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Man in his livingroom looking stressed

Rhetoric Is A Struggle

What is Reductio Ad Absurdum? According to Jay Heinrichs’s book Thank You For Arguing, he states that the fallacy Reductio Ad Absurdum is “reducing an argument to absurdity.” In other words, Reductio Ad Absurdum, which is Latin for “reduction to absurdity” is the appeal to the extremes. In an argument, you can establish the claim…

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My Way Or The Highway

Typically people think that the more logic you have, the better your argument will be, but that’s not true. Logic and argument are two different things where logic has so many different kinds of rules. An argument has only one rule, which is “Never argue the inarguable”; in other words, no matter what you do,…

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Eat What Makes You Happy

The “Meal” That Smiles Back

Memes have been getting more popular by the second. Every month there is a new type of meme that is trending. These memes become trending because they are hilarious, relatable, and sometimes turn a serious issue into a lighthearted joke. These are perfect for distracting everyone from the bad that has been recently happening around…

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Boy and Girl Playing Guitar during a sunset

Rhetoric is Everywhere

After reading the three chapters of Heinrichs book, I learned that Rhetoric writing is found in almost everything and everywhere without us looking for it. The author goes into detail explaining what Rhetoric is. Rhetoric is the art of having an argument trying to influence others into an agreement and get them into believing what…

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