Logical Fallacies in Sports Arguments

A picture of a football laying on a football field.

Logical fallacies in sports arguments are extremely common. Arguing online is already massive, almost everyone does yet. Especially sports fans, every sports fan believes they’re the next great analysis. Always giving their opinion when no one asked for it.

They’re a lot of different type of arguers from sports fans as well. There are a few that will actually give valid points and rebuttal to the opposition argument. Some fans bleed ignorance, typically blinded by favoritism. That can be an issue from a world-known analyst, let alone some random person on the internet. So as expected logical fallacies tend to occur in some people’s arguments. Some can be intentional fallacies. However, most are really just an accidental outcome. As shown in the twitter argument below.

The NFL Hall Of Fame selected the new inductees for this season. Naturally, there is a level of debate comes with this as its a big achievement. Along these names was Denver Broncos Free Saftey Steve Atwater. Our friend Mike here seems to have taken an issue to that. He goes in by stating that LeRoy Butler should be in over Atwater due to having some higher stats in certain categories. That’s when our friend Justin responded by saying “stats aren’t everything dude.” That is an example of straw man fallacy. The main argument made by Mike is Butler deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame over Atwater for those reasons. He never claimed that stats aren’t everything. The right response would’ve been more on the lines of giving other stats that argue the other way. That Atwater went to the pro bowl more and was a super bowl champion. Or he could’ve made the argument that Butler’s stats were inflated or a result of longer tenure of play.

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