How Memes act as Visual Rhetoric

Memes have become a popular and relatable medium of persuasion within our society within the last few years. Some people don’t even have conversations anymore, they just send memes to communicate what they’re feeling. Politics, being a large form of rhetoric in the world today, is also prevalent in memes. The meme I made shows a car on the freeway headed towards a sign saying “enlightenment and wisdom” before swerving to make an exit that says “trends that could kill people”, and the car is labeled “humanity.” In my meme I wanted to make something that was very relevant to today’s society. People love jumping on the bandwagon to the hottest trend without a care in the world if it’s going to injure them or not.

Memes can also be considered a form of visual rhetoric. The fact that they have the ability to be relatable can also be used as a form of persuasion. For example, the Tide Pod situation. If people weren’t going all over the internet doing it, kids wouldn’t be persuaded to do it themselves. Something about visual rhetoric, such as memes, that I do enjoy is that although memes can be fun to look at, and hilariously relatable, they can also bring up important controversial topics that need to be discussed. Of course memes have their pros and cons, but overall I would say that they are important to our modern day society, and our youth today, because they show not just in words what people are feeling and I believe that is important.

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