For Our Frontline Heroes

I was never someone who really watched the news, that was until the 2016 election. My Dad has always been very into politics, so he would always discuss it with my brothers. After a while, I became curious and decided to do my own research on what was going on in the world. Today, I find myself looking for news outlets that show both sides, Liberal and Conservative. An outlet that I have found does this pretty well is Fox News. Of course, every outlet is going to be somewhat partisan in their political stance, but I like how they still have people on their show that are a part of the opposing view. That they can, for the most part, still conduct civil debate.

The article I chose to analyze is a Fox News article titled, “Lawmaker presses for federal tax holiday for frontline coronavirus heroes” that was published on April 2, 2020. I felt in this craziness and chaos that is this pandemic, I would try to choose to analyze something that is more positive surrounding it all. This article was written by a women named Marisa Schultz who covers politics for From a look through what she’s done, it is evident that she writes a good amount of the articles regarding politics for their website. In her bio on the website, it is stated that she previously reported on Congress, the White House and campaigns for The New York Post and for The Detroit News. After trying to look up more about her, I didn’t come up with much, which I feel diminished her Ethos. However, she has written several articles for their news outlet before. At the article’s first glance, there is a video that is placed before its text even begins. This video covers some news regarding COVID-19 in New York, with a nurse practitioner by the name of Shelly Kelly explaining what this virus is like on her side.

“We are facing this pandemic head on here in New York, and I’m very impressed with the way people are continuing to get up and go to work, and then the night shift comes in and does the exact same thing. Yes we’re tired. Yes we are giving it 110% every single day, every minute of every single day…”

– Shelly Kelly (Nurse Practitioner currently treating COVID-19 patients)

The choice to place this video before her article I felt was very clever. It illustrates the emotional appeal within her article which draws her reader in. Especially in terms of this pandemic, our country is beginning to realize how important our first responders, and medical professionals are. Her appeal to facts and logic was very significant in this article. She explains that the lawmaker in question, Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Mich., is introducing a new piece of legislation. The Helping Emergency Responders Overcome Emergency Situations or the (HEROES) Act of 2020. According to the article, this piece of legislation, ultimately designed to thank frontline workers who are putting their lives on the line responding to the corona virus epidemic, “would provide a four-month federal income tax holiday for frontline workers in counties with at least one positive COVID-19 patient.”

According to the article, this legislation is modeled after the federal tax holiday provided to members of the military deployed to combat zones and is planned to extend first responders and healthcare workers a similar financial benefit while serving in the battle against the pandemic. She also supplies several hyperlinks within her article, which I believe is very important. This makes it easier for the reader to understand, and it gives them the opportunity to go look at the information in question, and form their own opinions on it.

I have yet to find any information on whether this Act has been passed or not, but I’m glad that the medical community is getting recognized for their bravery in this very confusing and frightening time.

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