Rhetoric in Writing: Memes and Controversy

When I first saw this assignment, I thought about memes not only being fun to look at, but they can also be very controversial in expressing modern day problems. The meme I chose is from one of my favorite Disney movies Beauty and the Beast. I always loved the ending of the story and the cartoon romance always put me into a childhood nostalgia but when I started growing older, I began to analyze the story even more and went into the controversies behind it.

This meme was the first thing I saw when I first began analyzing the plot lines and investigated different Disney conspiracies and controversies. This helped me to think about how the meme itself brought about most of my attention to the problem while also being very entertaining. The irony of the happy couple at the end of the movie and the dark revelation the was found behind it allowed the meme to bring the audiences attention to something that was otherwise overshadowed.

Memes have a tendency of bringing out things that are hardly seen by an audience and can be used in rhetoric to use the persuasion of a funny or in this case, a cartoon image in order to focus the audience on the text written and have them make a connection. This requires them to have a prior background knowledge (personally or logically) that relates them to the picture or text. Using rhetoric in memes helps give the audience a deeper look into things that they would otherwise ignore.

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