All these silver beads connected by green rope; whose portfolio uses rope? Srsly.

Your Portfolio: A How-To

The writing components of this course are graded as a portfolio, starting with your cover letter. This portfolio, like all your work this semester, will be entirely digital. Digital portfolios are easier to make than you think, once you wrap your brain around what they actually are. For the Want of a Staple When people…

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Night Lights

Audrey’s Cover Letter

Audrey WardClass of 2022 / English Major / audrey.ward@email.saintleo.edu28 April 2020Dr. FriendAssistant Professor of EnglishSaint Leo University Dear Dr. FriendThrough the weeks, of course, I found myself using the information from our group discussions in class to further understand each task in the assignments. Entering this class I did not know how Rhetoric was used…

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Stay Safe

Mariah’s Cover Letter

Dear Friend, This course was an interesting journey that taught me a lot, including the correct pronunciation of rhetoric. Although I was quiet most of the time, I was paying attention and taking in everyone’s conversations and arguments. It was not that I was not interested- it was more so that most of the time,…

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The King’s Speech

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech One of the most famous speeches in the entire world, the “I have a dream” speech, took place on August 28th, 1963, during the March on Washington. The march was a civil rights demonstration, and as Martin Luther King Jr was one of the leaders of that…

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Statue at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Plato and Abe Meme

This assignment was to create a meme that makes a claim about the modern perception of Rhetoric and I believe the following is a great representation. This meme fits because the majority of society doesn’t honestly know what rhetoric is or how to use it. The claim that I’m making with this meme is that…

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My Rhetoric in Writing Portfolio

Nicole Sanchez Class of 2022 | English Major| 22 April 2020 Dr. Friend Assistant Professor of English Saint Leo University Dear Dr. Friend, In the beginning of the semester I didn’t realize the true importance of mastering rhetoric, but as I continued to learn about the skill I began to realize how and why it’s…

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image representing writing

Em’s Cover Letter

Dear Friend, Thank you for a truly interesting, fun, and educational semester. I entered the class, happy to be around classmates I know and enjoy being around. I still, of course, enjoy being around these people, and I’m sad to see the seniors go. I’ve grown with these people as a critical thinker, reader, and…

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Photo of "tumblr" logo on a wall.

Discussion Post to Tumblr Post

Breath, Eyes, Memory Close-Reading Discussion Post I found the relationship between Tante Atie and Louise particularly interesting through a queer lens. The passage that first indicated this queer lens to me was when Dessalines was killed and “Louise buried her head in Tante Atie’s shoulder. Their faces were so close that their lips could meet…

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